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I'll finish my walk through 1970s female superheroes with the classic 1974 pilot for Wonder Woman starring Cathy Lee Crosby. This version of Wonder Woman with blonde hair and a new outfit was a bit different from the comic version. Spoilers for a 39 year old TV movie ahead.


In this version Diana and the other Amazons are exceptionally athletic but have no super strength or any other special ability (though she does have the invisible plane). As Diana Prince she works for government agent Steve Trevor. The plot is more spy caper than superhero action as she's trying to recover code books stolen by the villainous Abner Smith (Ricardo Montalban). She spends most of the movie being Diana Prince, super agent, before donning the Wonder Woman outfit. No one in the movie makes a distinction between Wonder Woman and Diana. Wonder Woman is basically Diana Prince in a brightly colored costume.

This clip shows the only real fight scene (as a commenter pointed out, possibly the worst fight scene ever filmed) in the movie when Diana faces a rogue Amazon (played by The Price is Right model and actress Anitra Ford) working for the bad guys.

The pilot did decently ratings-wise but not well enough for ABC to pick up the show. But there was enough interest in a Wonder Woman show for a new pilot to be made. Starring Lynda Carter in the lead role, it was called The New Original Wonder Woman in order to avoid confusion with the...uh...old original Wonder Woman pilot.

A non-powered version of Wonder Woman would fit into the current DC cinematic universe. I don't think it's the way to go but I wouldn't be surprised to see a Wonder Woman who is a mix of Captain America, Natasha Romanoff and Emma Peel (and since Zack Snyder is involved, a little bit of Baby Doll).

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