Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The worst Birthweek deals we could find

This is the fifth day of the Observation Deck’s 7th Birthweek and I don’t know how else to introduce it.

Today’s topic, if you choose to discuss it:

What science fiction / fantasy device do you most wish existed?

Alternate question:

Do you snore?

Answer #1 for me is: In Frederik Pohl’s Heechee Saga there’s all kinds of really neat future tech but I’m a big fan of the food factories that take C-H-O-N atoms from nearby organic space junk and convert those raw materials into food. Those sound really cool, let’s get some of those.


Answer #2 for me is: All the time but usually it sounds like an exasperated puff of air more than the super disturbingly loud snoring that some people are capable of.

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