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There are going to be cheaper Guardians of the Galaxy figures

Having seen them up close recently, we know Hasbro's upcoming 6-inch scale figures for Guardians of the Galaxy look awesome - but it's going to be costly to grab the whole crew. Never fear! Hasbro are putting out some smaller GOTG figures... but you might want to take a look at them before you get too excited.


(Up top: a 3 pack of Rocket, Groot and a Sakaaran. There's a similar pack that replaces the Sakaaran with a Nova Corps officer)

Alongside the wave of Marvel Legends figures, Hasbro will also release a range of 2.5" figure packs featuring the cast of the film and a series of vehicles for them to go with. Smaller than the industry average of 3.75", the figures are also significantly cheaper - they retail for £6.50 in the UK, which is around $11 (but they probably stand to be less than that in the US, considering the $22 Legends series will retail for £18.99/$32 here).


It's not difficult to see that you're getting a lot less detail and a lot less articulation for the reduced price - and that seems to be the standard in the action figure industry these days. There's no middle ground: you either pay higher prices for collector-quality action figures, or you pay a few bucks and get a much cheaper looking figure. It seems the days of reasonably priced, good quality action figures are gone.

There's one nice thing I will say about this range of figures though - the packaging is pretty rad. There's a definitely late-80's, early-90's toy box vibe to the art and colour scheme, which seems to be a perfect fit for the sort of slightly kitschy tone Marvel and James Gunn have gone for with the movie. I've not seen this much purple, yellow and blue together on toy packaging since I was a little kid!



These aren't the only action figures coming out from the movie though - also due are a range of oversized 'Rapid Revealer' toys, with limited, exciting action features such as 'swinging arms' and 'aiming blasters'. There'll be figures of Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket Raccoon, but I'll leave you just with frankly horrifying promo picture of Rocket:


What's with that stare!? Is he contemplating the nature of the universe, or did he get caught in some headlights and faces being turned into talkative roadkill? I'll let you decide.

[All images taken from Forbidden Planet]

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