Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled There Are Reasons to Dislike Living in California

I lived in California for quite a while, and I loved the people out there. They were all very pleasant, and some of my best friends. But there are reasons to move away from California. First off, I like seasons, which you just don't get out there. Second, it's really frigging expensive out there. Third, and the reason I'm still frustrated by it, is the photo that I'm pretty certain will appear at the top of this article, but, ideally, will appear here: (please note: the "best version of [Gawker's] new editor" could take lessons from the old one)
Now, this is a still from "Django Unchained." The scene is supposed to take place in Texas, I think. I, however, will never think "That's Texas!" when I see it, no matter how many times the film tells me that. Those hills behind them are pure and simple 100% California. Years and years of experience tells me that that's just east of highway 101 (Highway 101 - Social Distortion video provided because Social Distortion is awesome).

So, what idiosyncratic things do you guys have that pull you out of a film?

Also, I haven't quite finished Django yet, but it could be my favorite Tarantino film yet. Thanks to Telepod and KnightBiker for recommending it.

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