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There can be only one!

Tonight I decided to watch the first Highlander movie for the first time since I was a trench coat-wearing high school kid with a Vampire: the Masquerade sourcebook in my backpack. A few stray thoughts as I watch:

  • White tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a khaki trench. Classy.
  • The only low-hanging metal basket in the parking lot is a way obvious place to stash your sword, MacLeod.
  • This Scottish dialog is super clunky. A guy just straight-up said what year it was.
  • Hey! It's Lex Luthor! (Clancy Brown)
  • Lex has horrible fashion sense but great taste in music. But the worst sword ever. It comes apart right in the middle! What an idiot.
  • I want a crazy coat of peacock feathers like Sean Connery's.
  • No 80s movie is complete without a training montage. Montage!
  • That is not how you pronounce "pendejo". Lol, Connery as a Spaniard.
  • The date they give for the swordsmith Masamune is totally wrong.
  • Lambert's 20th century accent is really weird in this. I think it's from the same country as Tommy Wisseau.
  • Why is that guy wearing what looks like a karate gi under an African robe?
  • Wait, that guy wasn't in the 1700s flashback at all. What a pointless flashback.
  • I don't think handwriting analyzing software could do that in 1986.
  • Nothing turns on a girl more than stabbing a dude and him not dying.
  • How did he get his sword back for the final battle?
  • The women in this sure do scream a lot.
  • Nice Steadicam work.
  • Why does the Quickening involve cartoon monsters from Fantasia's "Night on Bald Mountain"?
  • I really regret never buying Queen's A Kind of Magic back in the day. Freaking awesome songs.

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