There is more to be at Disney than a Princess or a Pirate. Yesterday my daughter and I were Sorcerers.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a collectible card game that has park guests using magic to thwart the villain Hades' evil designs to take over the Magic Kingdom. Each card represents a spell that you use to thwart various villains and their henchmen in order to help Merlin save the park. Guests get a map, a key card for activating portals, and a pack of five spell cards. The game originally launched in February 2012 and despite being in the park several times since then, this is the first time we played. With recently purchased annual passes and an afternoon to kill, it was the perfect time to start.

Our first mission started in Liberty Square where Pocahontas tasked us with stopping governor Ratcliff from digging up the forest looking for a special crystal with Hades. My daughter destroyed him with Tiana's Hot Sauce.


The game mechanics very simple but also very fun, though I hear the more you play the more complicated it gets. There are also tons of veteran players around who are super cool. One kid gave my daughter 3 new cards he had doubles of even though we had nothing to trade him. The special portals are hidden all through out the park and not really hard to find when using the map. They are however well hidden in their native environment. More than once we arrived at a portal to find someone leaning against it or resting out of the way of park traffic with no clue they were standing in front of a hidden attraction.

We really only had time to do four of the missions before heading home for the day, but the four were fun and we have the promise of several more the next time we return (maybe next Tuesday if my HOA doesn't send anymore nasty letters).


Disney really has something cool with this hybrid Collectible Card Game-Video Game-Theme Park attraction. They've recently created a Pirate Map-Scavenger Hunt experience for Adventureland I can't wait to try next either.


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