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This week’s episode of 12 Monkeys deals with the aftermath of last week’s turmoil. Loyalties shift. The “Resurrection” of the episode’s title requires a sacrifice. Help comes from an unusual source. And time is running out...


In 2044 Jennifer Goines is strangely calm as the temporal storms swirl around her encampment. Hannah begs her to lead the Daughters to safety but Jennifer instead speaks cryptically of endings.

At the temporal facility Jones tells Cole they only have six or seven hours before the storms destroy the facility. The splinter back to 1957 is still being calculated. To paraphrase Jones’ explanation: “Traveling through time ain’t like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations you could splinter into a wall or land in the middle of the ocean and that’d end your trip real quick, wouldn’t it?”

Meanwhile Ramse, Cassie and Dr. Adler are staging an alternate plan that requires taking over the facility. Thanks to Ramse they know that Titan is in Colorado but it’s an extremely hazardous journey by land. But since the machine moves people through both time and space it theoretically be used as a transporter if the time portion remains unchanged. They’ll splinter to Titan, kill the Witness and use his resources to travel back in time and undo everything the Witness has done.

Cole asks Cassie to splinter back to 1957 with him but she rebuffs him, saying he’s running away and she would rather take her chances at Titan. She tries to convince Cole to go there with her but when they hear gunfire (Ramse is making his move) there’s no “we” anymore and Cole handcuffs Cassie to a table.


Cole confronts Ramse. The bromance is over for the moment due to irreconcilable differences. There’s no “we” there.

Cole finds Deacon having a naked drunken pity party (either the best or the worst kind) in honor of the end of the world and Cassie telling him in no uncertain terms there’s no “we” there either. Cole needs all the help he can get so he enlists Deacon’s aid in stopping Ramse.


Ramse and Adler get into the control room with the help of Whitley, the military head of security. Cole gets into the control room. He’s outnumbered but knows the easiest way to stop the splinter to Titan is kill Adler before he does the splinter calculations. Cassie intervenes, throwing off Cole’s aim and getting his pistol. Adler is wounded but can still finish his calculations.

Beware the mad scientist when she takes off her glasses. She may be about to headbutt you.

Cole steals a Humvee and heads to Jennifer’s encampment. She has reverted a bit back to crazy Jennifer with a shotgun (and a Die Hard reference). She speaks of Cole becoming a leader and of sacrifice.

Deacon takes out Whitley’s men so Cole, Jennifer and the Daughters can get into the facility. They secure the time machine. Deacon is about to shoot Ramse when his arm is knocked and he accidentally shoots Jennifer. Hannah slashes Deacons face in rage. The Daughters are distraught and threaten to kill everyone on both sides if Jennifer dies.


Jennifer tells Cole that this is the day she dies (remember she saw the date of her death on the Word of the Witness). She also tells him that since the Daughters need a mother, find the Jennifer that needs daughters. Cole splinters back to the last time he saw Jennifer, just after the deaths of the Hyenas. He returns with 2016 Jennifer.

The two Jennifers meet and talk. YoungJen realizes what the date is. OldJen gives YoungJen a choice: lead the Daughters to safety (assuming Cole will be successful in 1957) or lead them to Titan to try to stop the Witness. OldJen says her choice was safety but convinces YoungJen to go after Titan. OldJen’s cycle has ended and she dies. YoungJen takes charge and issues orders. Cole will make the splinter to 1957 while YoungJen will lead Cassie, Ramse and the Daughters overland to Titan.


Jones lowers her hard shell for a moment to thank Cole for believing in her then sends him back to 1957. The convoy starts out for Titan but Cassie has second thoughts. She heads back inside and splinters to join Cole. Jones and the temporal facility are destroyed as Hannah rides away to join the convoy.


Cassie meets Cole in 1957 saying “I don’t want to be afraid anymore.” Maybe there is a “we” after all.


  • From the way OldJen speaks it sounds like taking the safe choice didn’t work out, which if she’s telling the truth suggests another paradox. How much more messy is time travel going to make things?
  • With young Jennifer Goines in 2044 we now have two characters who have unfinished business in their original timelines. Cassie’s role as the public face of the CDC during the pandemic has been a constant through the various time changes (as well as her message mentioning Cole that starts things rolling). And Jennifer has a long future life after 2016. Not going back to it would royally screw up a lot of things.
  • The effect when the two Jennifers came close together is similar to when Cole was near the ancient human remains that was the source of the pandemic virus in the Night Room, which is further evidence that Cole will become that body in his future (but in the past). I suppose if the show gets to finish its story that may happen at the end of the series.
  • Poor Hannah. In the span of a few hours she’s lost two mothers.
  • Last episode power for the machine was an issue. That must have been taken care of since this episode the constraint is time to program splinters since the machine is used several times.

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