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There’s no ghost in The Machine

Now that the requisite play on my name is out of the way, let's discuss The Machine. The movie was sitting in my Netflix queue for a little while. I wasn't sure if it was just another Universal Soldier type movie as the trailers suggest. It's actually a lot more ambitious than that.

Mild spoilers ahead.


The Machine explores ideas of artificial intelligence and what being human means. It doesn't always succeed but it's a good attempt. There's a fair amount of disbelief required at points but if you can roll with it you'll be rewarded.

The movie draws a lot from The Terminator, Blade Runner, 2001 and other movies. The titular Machine occasionally goes into glowy eye mode like the guys above and there's one visual of the Machine that's a blatant reference to The Terminator.


I haven't seen Caity Lotz in anything else * so I went in with no expectations. She does a good job as the Machine in its initial innocence and growing understanding of the world around it. She also handles the physical side of the role well when the inevitable scenes of a military machine in action occur.

The movie was shot on a low budget so don't expect flashy effects. If you've seen a lot of this kind of movie the plot is fairly predictable. But I still found The Machine entertaining and enjoyable.


*I know she's on Arrow but I haven't been able to get into that show.

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