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Brother Michael deals with unruly followers. Peter makes a friend. Sarah does something sensible, but quickly reverts back to form. And several characters on Helix would benefit if people talked to each other and shared information. I'll share plenty of spoilers ahead.

Mlle Durant (which is French for exposition) fills in Julia on Michael's past. He had an unfaithful wife (who looks a lot like Sarah). His response is perfectly reasonable. Michael traps his wife and her lover in a burning building. He vows never again and works on a strain of apple that will render non-immortals sterile. That's slightly better than the genocide thing Ilaria is planning but it still sounds like someone binge-watched a bunch of Bond movies. (Someone get Brother Landry a set of steel teeth.) Julia finds out Michael's location on the far end of the New World. Au revoir, Mlle Exposition. Your job is done.


Alan runs into Kyle and neither of them know where Sarah is. Alan can't remember what happened the night before but of course he's not going to tell Kyle that. Alan has been playing his cards close to his chest all season so it's not out of character particularly when he has good reason to not trust Kyle.

Michael tries to calm the uninfected followers gathered in the abbey's dining hall. They're not so willing to blindly follow him anymore and Michael gets egged. He retreats to his office and talks to the Wall of Eww. (Wait a minute! Astrid, Annabelle, Alice...and now Agnes, Anne and Amy. Michael is seriously fixated on names starting with A.) Youngest daughter Amy walks in on him and gets the same tough love choking that Anne got a few episodes ago. Unlike her devoted mother sister, Amy is freaked out and runs off.

Peter wakes up to find he has a new cellmate, Anne. She's sure Michael will be by any time now to release when he realizes she's been framed. Keep paddling up that river, Anne. The two bond over working with family when Amy shows up at the hole. Amy is legitimately concerned that Michael is losing it but Anne yells her that Michael doesn't always make sense so just bow to his will. That pisses Amy off so she storms off, leaving Anne and Peter in the hole. Anne wouldn't have climbed out anyway because she's waiting for Michael to let her out.


I don't expect Anne to suddenly tell Peter that Michael is a silver-eyed immortal. But unless Peter is even denser than I thought he should already suspect and be asking Anne questions (unless he was sent to the island by Julia or Balleseros to find Michael and already knows what he is).

Sarah wakes up in a dark lab with a bloody sheet and flashes of memory (similar to Alan's) of a medical procedure being done on her. She gets dressed, minus a boot, and leaves the lab, stepping on a random bloody tooth in the process. Sarah sensibly takes a pair of boots from a dead woman so she's not wandering around a dark tunnel barefoot.


Unfortunately she reverts to form when leading Lizzie and her little brother to safety. Listen Sarah, when you're being chased by a guy who thinks he's Jack Nicholson in The Shining, don't stop in the middle of a hallway to tell a story. Just keep moving, girl! Next time the guy chasing you might not conveniently drop dead.

Alan and Kyle find where Sarah was operated on and Kyle figures out that Alan was drugged. Kyle has no idea what kind of shitstorm he's in the middle of. At least he learns that Ilaria is behind the Narvik virus.


Kyle ends up in Michael's lab where he sees Michael cooking up something. That book he grabs from Michael's lab would probably make sense if someone clued Kyle in about the whole silver-eyed immortal thing.

Amy confronts Michael, who tells her he knows about her scheming with Landry (too bad Kyle can't hear their conversation). Michael explains his plan to kill off his followers and use Amy as a baby factory. Since Michael made a comment about "with or without teeth" I'm guessing Michael's plans for Amy's future include something like this from the first episode of the season.


Amy is not enthusiastic about this plan, particularly the last part, so Michael tosses her into a plant case. Kyle also leaves Amy in the case when he comes out of hiding after Michael leaves.


Alan conducts an ultrasound on Sarah and doesn't find a baby in her. So either it was aborted or removed (perhaps to grow up to be Caleb). Sarah lashes out at Alan after he reveals he may have been involved with the procedure.

Peter finally catches a break when Kyle finds the hole and lets him and Anne out. Anne realizes what Michael is planning from Kyle's description of the plants he saw Michael working with. But it's too late when they get to the abbey dining hall.


Michael tells his followers that the CDC doctors have developed an oral vaccine. He downs a dose to allay any suspicions then has poisoned cups distributed. Landry and a few guards outside are spared but everyone in the dining hall dies.

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