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There Will Be A Sit-Down For The Fate Of Hellboy 3

After Ron Perlman splashed cold water on a possible final sequel, there seems to be a new turn when Del Toro announced he would meet with Perlman and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola on the subject.

From Del Toro’s twitter feed:

We have gone past the 100K votes. I will arrange the sitdown w Ron & Mignola to talk HBIII. No gurantee but we will discuss. Wish us luck!!


Apparently, Del Toro put out a poll to see how much interest there still is about the franchise and if the count exceeded 100k, then he would step up and meet with those two gentlemen to see what’s what. Despite the second movie’s thin story plot (I loved the first movie), this is one of those trilogies that needs to be completed.


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