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There's a 4-year-old singing "Let it Go"

Because of course there is. And it's precious.

Frozen is one of those movies that has really grown on me on repeated viewings. Yes. Repeated viewings. Took my wife to see it when she was feeling down, and she loved it (she can't stop singing "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman"), took my 7-year-old sister (having recently lost our mother, she said the scene of the girls after their parents' loss is the "right kind of emotional") and she says it has replaced Tangled as her favorite movie ever (itself replacing Brave). And then there have been repeated viewings of YouTube clips. Dang it, it's worn me down. I like it.


And I'm not the only one. Yesterday going to see Walter Mitty, I saw a four or five-year-old dressed as Princess Anna walking hand-in-hand with her mother while the little one was singing to a tune of her own creation: "Olaf, Olaf, Olaf. Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf. Olaf, Olaf." The mother's expression seemed to say, "How many more times do I have to see this?"


I even loved the fan-made reprise of Wanna Build, though I've said before and I'll say again, there should also have been a reprise of "Frozen Heart" (the ice-breaker song from the beginning). That song seemed tonally out of place with the rest of the movie, but if Kristoff had attempted a solo reprise when riding Sven down the mountain... well, it would've had justifiable feels.

On that note, what was up with that intro song? I kept excepting to see more of indigenous northern cultures, but beyond some background images, I didn't catch much.


There's something about the new Disney Princess revival that seems a bit off with me.

Both Frozen and Tangled feature a mix-match of cultures, without being able to pin them down to a time or place. I realize that's on purpose, likely an effort to reach out to audiences that have grown weary of the same cookie cuter white-bread princesses that have dominated pop culture, and other attempts have missed the mark a bit, in my mind (your mileage may vary). Still it seems strange to have things like sky lantern festivals from East Asia, chameleons from Madagascar, viking-esque barbarians, mixed with 18th century Western Europe. And did I hear the priest speaking Old English during Frozen's coronation scene?


To be clear, I'm not complaining - there needs to be more diversity in the brand in my opinion - it just seems like they are picking random ideas out of a bag and throwing them at a wall to see what sticks (or maybe they use manatees).

Eh, whatever. It's working.

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