Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

There's a Q&A thread with a chiropractor over on Lifehacker and the commenters, including a couple of real doctors and, surprisingly, another chiropractor, just tore her to shreds. It's hilarious.


LaurensJam 2 hours ago

does your average person who doesn't experience any great pain or discomfort need a chiro check up?

DrLinsayWay @LaurensJam 2 hours ago

Great question! Most people don't know that only about 10% of your nervous system transmits pain. The other 90% is what controls the function of every organ, cell or tissue in your body. So yes, many of my patients are what I call 'Wellness' patients and come to get adjusted when they are not experiencing any pain at all.

Rufuswasmypawpaw @DrLinsayWay 2 hours ago

As a neurologist I find your answer ambiguous and disingenuous. Chiropractic manipulation for non-musculoskeletal issues is more often detrimental than helpful, in my experience.

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