Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

There's cute, and there there's baby Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit cute.

So, #cuteoff exists on Twitter.

I didn’t know that before today, and now the most unmanly noises are squeeing from my mouth right now.


Apparently, science has a soft spot for all things pwecious (Yes I know that’s misspelled, but right now, I don’t care because OMG BUNNIES!!!), and the world now gets a glimpse into the adorable cuddles that are baby animals that most of us didn’t know existed.

Have a contender for cuteoff 2015? Well, I suggest you snap a picture of that little puppy or marmoset or giraffe and hashtag it, quick.

Read the guts of the story here.
In the mean time, I’m going to nuzzle a baby cuttlefish!!


(Sorry, embedding the tweets didn’t work. KINJAAAAAAAA!!! All pics/credits are linked in the Treehugger post.)

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