On Friday's episode of Grimm, Death Do Us Part, some ghost seekers come to town to check out a haunted house, but more importantly Juliette has some awesome new powers but for some unfathomable reason doesn't want to keep them. Spoilers after the break.

The "Nick is also a cop" story involves some "Ghost Seekers", 2 men and a woman. They enter a house that's supposed to be haunted. The story goes that a married couple was electrocuted in their bed, and the ghost of the husband haunts the place wanting to save his wife (or something). They enter the house, a bunch of lights start turning on even though there's no power in the house, and then one of them gets electrocuted, and we the audience see what looks like some kind of electric wesen. So who you gonna call? The cops.

Wu is able to salvage the memory card from the camera and has something to show Nick and Hank.

While all this is going on, Juliette has met with Renard at his apartment (as seen last episode) and tells him turning into a Hexenbeast seems like more than just a side effect, a possibility Sean's mother had mentioned. Renard says he's not an expert but will try and get in touch with someone named Henrietta who has helped both him and his mom. When Juliette askes how old she is, he says he doesn't know and he's not going to ask.

Juliette also has a nightmare about Nick killing her for being a Hexenbeast and is acting distant towards him which will probably just make him think something worse is going on. But hey, if the characters have learned nothing the past 3 years (and it seems they haven't) it's that it's also better to keep secret powers from your significant other and/or close work colleague until you absolutely have to tell them because there's no other choice. The promo clip covers most of it. Except the part where being a Hexenbeast doesn't make her suddenly Nick's mortal enemy. The only one he feels that way about is Adalind and that's because of all the crap she's done to them all. He was pleasant enough around Sean's mother who was helping him get his powers back.

The next day Renard tells Juliette he has some info and to meet him for lunch. Which leads to one of the best moments ever. I couldn't find any official promo videos of this, so I used my phone to record the playback from NBC.com and then uploaded it to Youtube. Despite my attemps, I haven't been able to enable embedding so you'll have to go to Youtube to see it (or just remember having seen it on Friday). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytL2h1…


Update: found some Gifs for this scene.



As she's walking through a parking lot to meet Sean, a car almost hits Sean as he's about to get out of his, then almost runs her over. After yelling at the guy about it, he tells her he's busy and she seems fine, at which point she woges and makes the engine of his car explode! Seriously, why would she ever want to get rid of these powers?


At lunch, Renard gives her a phone number for Henrietta to memorize, and soon after that the numbers scramble, which according to Renard is Henrietta's doing.

Juliette later heads to the trailer to do some reading on Hexenbeast.


She then calls Henrietta and who already knows it's Juliette calling, and gives her an address to write down and memorize before the letters get all scrambled. That's one way to not have your personal info get out. Juliette is told she'll know when it's time to visit. And then Nick, Hank and Wu show up at the trailer to study the electric eel wesen. Juliette says she's doing a little homework to be more helpful, but they seem to be fine for now so she'll head out.

Nick notices she was looking at a Hexenbeast book, and Hank is quick to say it makes sense given everything Adalind has done to all of them. At which point Wu says "except me" and Hank and Nick remind him of that time he was eating everything (couch cushion stuffing, coins, carpet, etc) and inform him that was because he ate a cookie Adalind had made for Hank. Not crucial to the story but a nice moment.


Reading about the electric eel wesen, they learn that there's some kind of powder that can be used to protect against being electrocuted. It just requires piercing an ear, with the needle provided, and putting the powder over it. The gang then head to meet the wife of the man suspected of killing the married couple. She turns out to be an owl wesen and says her husband was too. It seems her husband was having an affair with the married woman from the house, and it was her husband (the one thought dead) that electrocuted both of them after finding out. The cops assumed it was the married couple because they both had wedding bands on and that was the only thing left to identify them with.

So Nick, Hank and Wu head over to the house, but owl wesen lady also heads there to avenger her husband. The real killer, who is apparently now a homeless guy and who sees visions of his previous life, is back in the house. And so is one of the ghost seekers, determined to get proof of the "ghost" so that his friend's death won't be in vain. He's hiding in a closet, and recording, when owl lady is caught by eel man, who makes her put on one of his wife's old dresses and dance with him because he's clearly insane. The ghost seeker in the closet eventually makes some noise that tips him off and that's when the Portland PD show up.

With the electric eel wesen dead, Nick lets Wu know that Owl lady won't be charged because "it was self defense", and also she did them a favor because how were they going to detain a guy who can electrocute people and is crazy?


Juliette shows up at Henreyetta's house, and fans of Psych might recognize her as the radio station manager who tried to seduce Gus 5 minutes after his girlfriend left for the airport (going back to London). Which is probably the only reason he's resisting.

Meanwhile, things are looking not so good for Renard as the episode ends with his bullet wounds seemingly re-opening. Hope it's not too serious.



Seriously, why does Juliette want to not be a Hexenbeast? It looks pretty awesome. So far, it's saved her life, allowed her to get back at an asshole driver, and based on Henrietta and Renard's mom, she might not age too much either. The preview for next week shows a wesen bounty hunter after Nick and it looks like Juliette might get targeted so maybe that will be what convinces her that being a Hexenbeast is actually pretty awesome, so she can start training to use her powers more effectively. I'm hoping Henrietta will actually offer to train her knowing that's really what she wants, or something.

I don't think Nick will be too against it, considering she's in less danger now from being able to see other wesen and defend herself, and can help him with his Grimm duties, and it only happened because she helped him get his own powers back. Since it took a couple episodes for Nick to admit he missed being a Grimm I'm hoping that's all it will take for Juliette to admit she likes having these powers.


What did you all think?

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Update 2: Henryetta, which is how the name is spelled on IMDb, has been revised to Henrietta, which is how the name is normally spelled. Thanks to commenter GregCox for confirming that the closed caption also used the normal spelling.