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There's something wrong with Norman on Bates Motel

“What’s Wrong With Norman” showed something we were all pretty much expecting about Norman. It also looks like someone else has a secret of their own. Spoilers ahead.

Norman passes out in class while having a bondage fantasy about his teacher and is rushed to the hospital. The doctor wants to keep him overnight for observation but Norma gets him out is soon as she can.


Norma is obviously concerned about her son but I think she knows Norman has a problem that she would rather not have doctors know about.

Later, Norman doesn’t remember trying to tenderize Dylan’s head. So now we know Norman is having fugue states*. To reinforce the point for those not paying attention, Norman later has a conversation with who I’ll call Head Mother (no red dress though).

So we’re seeing the Norman Bates we’ve been waiting to see, someone who is going psycho. Given how the show began, it seems almost certain that Norman killed his father and Norma covered it up.


Meanwhile, Deputy Zach has an Asian woman locked up in his basement. He’s also the only one who knows about the tool belt in Norman’s room. This could get interesting.

Other thoughts:

  • I loved Dylan calling Norma and Norman "Mr. and Mrs. Bates." The top image captures that vibe perfectly.
  • I thought that was a random tool belt Norman was using until he explained whose it was.
  • Dylan is still trying to get Norman away from their mother’s grasp but it’s too late.
  • Norman is being an utter prick to Emma. Even though it’s understandable why he wants to stay off the police’s radar, Norman doesn’t have to be such a jerk about it. Or maybe he does. It looked like Emma almost triggered one of Norman’s fugue states.
  • On the other hand, Norman is making progress with the Bradley, the popular girl.

*I'm not a shrink so feel free to correct me on what a proper diagnosis would be.


Images from A&E

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