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There's totally a 'That Wizard Came From The Moon' T-Shirt Now

I don't care about shipping costs. I'm so getting this.

The fine sports over a Bungie have just unveiled this new T-Shirt to commemorate Destiny's alpha... and some infamous voice work.


The T-Shirt isn't just your chance to immortalise Peter Dinklage's finest hour on your chest though - all profits from the sale of the Destiny Alpha Shirt will go to the Bungie Foundation, a charitable organisation founded by Bungie in 2011 to work with other Children's charities like Childs Play and Make-a-Wish to ease the suffering of children dealing with terminal illnesses.

That Wizard Came From The Moon comes in both Mens and Womens fits, and will only be available for a limited time.


[Bungie.Net Weekly Update]

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