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These Final Hours - How the Australians face the end of the world

I have mixed thoughts about Australian film These Final Hours. It doesn’t really break any new ground as an end-of-the-world movie but I liked it. Minor spoilers (not more than what’s in the trailer) ahead.

The basic premise is straightforward. After a meteor strike in the Atlantic a massive firestorm is sweeping across the globe. The firestorm will reach Australia in twelve hours and wipe out everything. (Don’t think too hard about the cause of the apocalypse. The important take-away is that everyone is doomed with no saving throws allowed.)


Here’s the Netflix description:

Just hours before a cataclysm will destroy the world, a hedonistic young man reluctantly saves a girl’s life and begins to reevaluate his own.

There are the usual mix of reactions of people facing the end including what you would expect of an Australian end-of-the-world party. You will most likely realize how many things will turn out before they happen.


When the movie works it’s mainly because Angourie Rice nails it as Rose, the tween with a good mix of innocence and awareness.

To paraphrase one review, if you pick only one Australian apocalyptic road movie to see in 2015 see Fury Road. But if you’re up for another then you might want to check out These Final Hours.


These Final Hours is streaming on Netflix and also available from the usual suspects. It’s unrated but starts off with some sweaty sex and has lots of nudity at one point and some violence.

The trailer is a little bit spoilery but here it is.

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