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These new pictures from Doctor Who's Christmas special are really weird

Like, what on earth is going on here? But forewarning: there are things that could be considered lightly Spoiler-ish beyond the cut...

Let's start off with our first look at Tasha Lem, a mysterious figure purportedly from The Doctor's past, played by Orla Brady:


Aside from being a fan of weird makeup, formal wear in inappropriate situations and fabulous glittery-sparkly-arm-thingies, it would also appear that she has something to do with the Order of the Silence, the weird church/paramilitary organisation that Madame Kovarian and her alien pals had trucked up with in A Good Man Goes To War. The posters had already confirmed the return of the Silence, but now we know they're bringing their religious human friends with them.

Ooh, some Daleks!

Nothing abnormal about that. Daleks gonna Dalek, and all that. But then...


They've surrounded The Doctor! (aside: I love that the Dalek's sense of aesthetic is simply 'lets just put some bumps on shit and call it a day' - so very unnecessary and yet somehow completely Dalek!)


... But why is he waving a Dalek Eyestalk around like it's a wand, in what appears to be a slapdash attempt at Harry Potter cosplay?

Next up, the Cybermen:


I just want to say that I completely love this shot. Love this Cyberdesign, love the lighting, love the atmosphere. It's spooky. Give my spooky Cybermen again, like Neil Gaiman promised to before they started lopping their franken-hands off and spinning their heads around like it's The Exorcist.

But then...


... What. What. This Cyberman.

It's made of wood. Why is it made of wood? Why is there a Wooden Cyberman? And also:


I'd understand if things got a bit desperate and the Cybermen were resorting to somewhat cruder resources for converting and upgrading units in the field, but when the hell did the Cybermen find time to intricately craft an entire set of wonderfully detailed wooden Cybergear?

All I can think of is a Cyberman in an ill-fitting apron sitting in on a D.T Class, doing woodwork in the corner and cheerily cyber-humming to himself.


Never fear though, Jenna Coleman is here with a paper crown and a turkey to assuage any concerns and remind us that yes, this is a Christmas special:


Thank you very much, Ms. Coleman.

The Time of The Doctor airs on Christmas day at 7.30pm on BBC One, and 9pm on BBC America.

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