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These storms that keep pummeling the UK are insane

And, as you can see from this GIF of the earth wind map, yet another one is on its way. Just a day before yesterday, you had hurricane force gales blasting away at Wales. It's been one storm after another, after another, since around Christmas, slamming into southwest England propelled by a wacky North Atlantic jet stream which has created a conveyor belt of misery for many people in the affected areas.

So much of the Thames Valley is under water. You have people who have worked their entire lives to buy a home and settle here only to find their dreams are sinking before their very eyes. This is the wettest January the UK has seen since 1776! These oddities of the atmosphere appear to be becoming more regular and record breaking anomalies keep piling up. Seems that every year now there is some "once in a hundred year" weather event happening somewhere. It is hard not to look at these phenomena and see the bleak future of climate change as lives are swallowed up and people displaced by rising water and shifting weather patterns. As always, there is no way to tie any one event to global warming but it is becoming difficult to deny the climate as a whole is trending towards troubling perturbations.


At least extreme weather makes for some really cool extreme sports. Check out these windsurfers taking on the massive waves battering the Cornish coast.

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