The Eagles are rightfully maligned as being a bloated, West Coast, pseudo-country hit machine. I understand this. But even so, as with Kansas's Dust in the Wind and Carry on Wayward Son, a prolific, popular band infused with enough talent can feel their way to greatness regardless of how radio friendly their intent. Thus, I submit to you the one hundred-billionth replay of Hotel California, the only classic rock song which must inspire as much collective dread upon rehearing as Zep's Stairway To Heaven. But like the latter, Hotel California strikes me as a powerful musical totem no matter how many times I hear it. This is a song that beautifully captures the decadent fall of Southern California into late 1970's hedonism. The metaphorical hotel is the promise of material indulgence and physical pleasure, but it is also a trap: a Satanic cult to which you sell you soul and can never escape.

There is a wonderful urban legend surrounding the Hotel California album, that the Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey can be seen in the inside LP cover art as a shadowy image in one of the windows of the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is a testament to the mystery of the song, that maybe The Eagles were revealing a nodal point of the demonic conspiracy which would come to dominate the paranoid fears of the 80's Satanic Panic.


Rarely do songs inspire this much mystery anymore, or are they infused with as much tantalizing allegory, or have such a powerful crescendo as the awe inspiring Don Felder/Joe Walsh dueling solos.

So, I humbly ask the members of ODeck, what is a song you find deeply infused with meaning that most people would dismiss as painfully lame?