Okay, so tomorrow is the first day of Christmas. That would be Christmas with the club. And then Monday is the second day of Christmas, with my husband and his brother. The third day of Christmas I think is Tuesday, with my sister and her family. And then I think regular Christmas is Wednesday, with a lot of the rest of my family. And I am only mostly done yesterday. Mostly done, cause today I should make cookies or something, but not actually cookies, cause somebody else is already doing regular cookies and Christmas cookies. So I should make dog treats or try fortune cookies or something, anything but actual regular cookies.

Anyway, last year I found this thing, or something very similar, and I got this idea that I should buy it and make a Christmas present out of it. Only somehow I didn't quite get around to it in time, and so I got him something else for Christmas. And again, I wait til the last minute to do it this year, so I did most of the work yesterday. It could use some more cardboard, if I can find some, but other than that, I think it's finished.

But now that it is finished, I'm not sure what made me think this was a good idea.

I thought that my friend, who is into steampunk stuff, could put his designs and pictures in it. So I went and got some plastic sleeves and printed some stuff off the internet and also bought some scrapbook paper and put what I thought was cool looking stuff in the plastic sleeves with some cardboard. So now it's a binder with a page with his fictional name on it, and then there's eight sections for stuff like jewelry and weapons and photos.

And while I was playing with the scrapbook paper, it occurred to me that if he wanted anything remotely like this, he would already have one. In fact, he's probably already got a way cool actual scrapbook like one of these.



And then I also found something like this, except mine is brown and a bit beat up.

So I thought he would like it cause it's brown and cause it doesn't have any zippers. But now I'm looking at it and wondering if is really a bit too much beat up for anyone to like it, as it has some trim that's all breaking off.


But, it is really too late to do anything else now. And this year we were trying to keep it sort of small. Or, at least, someone else made a big deal about it being small. The person getting these never actually replied to the email, so he may have other ideas.