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Thinking of the Children: Banned TV Episodes

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TV censors always know what's best for us. Right?

Mental Floss has an interesting list of TV episodes that were temporarily banned. It covers 12 different shows, all of which I watched at some time or another. I don't really agree with the rational for most of the 15 episodes- racial insensitivity being the most understandable reasoning. I'm going to muddle through some quick impressions of each episode after the jump.


Diving in!

1) Racial sensitivity, no real quibble for my part here.

2) Costumes! Scary! Someone's phobias are showing.

3) Understandable for health concerns. I recall hearing the news of the aftermath of the episode here in the US at the original time of airing.


4) I couldn't watch this episode all the way through at the time it finally aired. (Hooray for VCR recordings!) I'm not sure I agree with it being temporarily banned; I liked that they pushed the boundary so much with this episode.

5) Recent gun violence in the US, and in general lead me to believe that children would benefit from seeing the effects of guns- especially accidents related to firearms.


6) I never really watched the show beyond 5-15 minutes while it was in re-runs. I do find it amusing that the writers of 1989 were tackling sex tape issues, decades before their proliferation.

7) Again, the writers seem prescient of modern day issues. I know first hand the lengths that the logistics industry go through to avoid similar situations to the one presented in this episode.


8) I loved this episode so much when it aired. It's part of what I consider the golden years of The Simpsons. I've never agreed with it being pulled from syndication for thinking tht people couldn't handle the imagery of the WTC in the episode. Recently moving to NYC area, I understand it a bit better. I'm glad to see that it is being re-worked into syndication.

9) Racial insensitivity, you've returned! I can understand the reasoning behind the temp ban here.


10) Another show that I really only saw in syndication, or reruns. I always got the distinct impression that Ren & Stimpy was not for children. Either way, I am sympathetic to TV stations being wary of domestic violence, especially if handled in a comedic manner. No real specifics towards this episode, as I've never seen it.

11) I don't recall seeing this episode until syndication or re-runs & it's been quite a while since I've seen it. Overall I think it carries important messages to the viewers about various real world concerns: gun violence, suicide, depression, etc.


12) Important message again: DUI is bad; never too young to instill that idea in people.

13-15) Teen sex and drinking! I recall 2 of these episodes pretty well. Like most of BMW, the writers (and actors) handled it quite deftly. They were good episodes that should have aired.


Most of these episodes really shouldn't have been censored/delayed/banned at all. Someone should really think of the children & let them watch these episodes. Society would be better off.

MF link, just in case: http://mentalfloss.com/article/33538/15-temporarily-banned-episodes-popular-tv-shows

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