It seems like just yesterday the whole Internet was atwitter about Hot Topic buying ThinkGeek. Finally, we collectively said, we will be able to buy our nerdy pop-culture wares at an actual physical location, across from the vaping shop in the back of the local mall.

“But wait!” exclaimed the other long-forgotten mall chain, next to the store that sells only calendars. “We want to buy ThinkGeek too!

Instead of being purchased for $17.50 per share by the goth outlet that long ago gave up goth, ThinkGeek’s parent company is being bought for $20 per share by the video game company that sells pre-orders. Which is great news if you want to pay for that geeky shirt a year before you get to wear it, or buy a used Tauntaun sleeping bag for $5 less than a new one.

(The joke is that GameStop is kind of terrible.)

EDIT: Looks like Kotaku heard about this already.