Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, yesterday I was goofing off in the Play Store instead of working (cause I had no actual work to do for what is going on the third week in a row) and I stumbled on to the following app.

Third Rock Radio. It is based on the station that was created a few years ago by NASA. The tunes they play on there are basically what all of us here on the Odeck are currently into. Rock, alternative and indie. I've been listening since yesterday and I've yet to hear a song or band I didn't care for. That's quite the feat.

If you don't want that app, you can always listen online. It's also worth noting that in addition to that very specific app which is for only that station, you can also tune in using TuneIn (either online or using one of the apps).


In other news, I just heard Bill Nye gush about the station and it's awesomeness in a short promo on the station itself. That's awesome!

It's also worth noting that they do coverage of various developments at NASA and talk to various people working for the agency. So you get a dose of space knowledge and updates and what have you throughout the day while listening to tunes. Can't really say that isn't worth listening to in and of itself, cause it is very much a good reason to listen.

Semi related, if you aren't already familiar with KCRW out of Santa Monica then first off why the heck not?! And secondly it's a good thing you know me and I can introduce you to such awesome things. : )

For those unfamiliar with the station, first and foremost it's basically an independent NPR station. What this means is that most mornings they're covering NPR stuff. News and talk and what have you. At various points throughout the day though they play music. One is just eclectic and all over the place, another is curated by a DJ and those tend to be my preferred times to listen.


I really can't put into words just how amazing those DJs are. They play all kinds of music that just flows so perfectly together, despite being from different decades and artists and all that. I've never heard anything like it before. Ever. No station that I've ever listened to has been able to pull it off so seamlessly.

You definitely need to check out their Weekday Schedule and their Weekend Schedule so you know what's on and when. Keep in mind that the times you see on there are for Pacific Standard Time. Figure out what's playing based on your time from that schedule. For those of us in the middle of the U.S. just add 2 hours to all of it and you'll be good.


Also, if you want my recommendation, listen in on weekends when Anne Litt is hosting. Wow. She is so awesome and her taste in music is phenomenal. Raul Campos does a really good job too when he's on, but I prefer Anne Litt and always tell my friends to listen when she's on the air.

If you want to listen live at any time just visit this link here. Keeping in mind if you want to listen to tunes any time they also have a place you can do that known as Eclectic 24 and you can just tune in there and click Listen Now and you'll have tunes all day every day.


Just thought I'd share that. Let me know if you dig either of the stations (Third Rock or KCRW) and I'll keep that in mind when I'm online screwing around for other potential stations worth checking out and recommending in the future.

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