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This is the best Pacific Rim Cosplay ever.


Brooklyn Typhoon. Construction time: 550 hours Parts Acquisition: 10 months Weight: 152 lbs.

Some of his more interesting parts...2 rat traps, 7 mousetraps (2 types), 53 toy truck wheels, 2 business card holders, hockey helmet,
2 plungers, rotating lawn sprinkler, 4 egg slicers, 4 ice scrapers, 4 ladles, 4 slotted spoons, camping thermos,
toilet flush valve, 8 ice skate blade guards (2 types), 2 baseball throat guards, trashcan foot pedal,
2 spoon draincups, 2 blender bases, 4 hair cutter spacers, 2 kneepads, thermos base, ski goggles,
football shoulder pads, 6 shinguards (3 types), 2 hockey leg guards, wall outlet plate, 3 vitamin cases
(2 types), 3 manicure bowls, 3 doorknob wall guards, hand towel holder, 4 bicycle splashguards
(2 types), 25 turnbuckles, corner paint applicator, slotted ladle, 2 faucet strainers, paper towel holder,
3 screen door latches, handheld spotlight, 2 flashlights, closet pole mounts, lots of bottlecaps,
lots of knobs & pull handles, lots and lots of plastic from trashcans, buckets & food containers...
and a whole lotta inspiration!

(You can actually pay to have this artist show up at the event of your choice! Hence the awesome wedding shot!)


[via Brooklyn Robot Works]

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