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This is the story of a rice cooker. Because there is nothing more exciting to read about than white rice, right?

I have no idea how old this rice cooker is, but it has to be pushing 30. That's the dinosaur equivalent of a kitchen appliance. My wife's parents bought this in the Philippines and he needs an AC converter just to be plugged in. We love black beans and rice so he serves our family well and often.


But the coolest thing about him is this:

The tiny robot logo looks like it should be on an Android phone. I love the little logo.

My wife and I have been through 3 different coffee machines (love my Keurig) in our 10 years of marital bliss, but this little fucker has been putting out rice since we were kids.


What are your favorite and unexpectedly long lived appliances in this age of BRAND NEW SHINY DISPOSABLES?

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