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This is what 50 kilograms of Lego Star Destroyer looks like

If you thought Lego's own sets based around the Empire's flagship vessels could get pretty mahoosive, think again - this fan-made Star Destroyer is as hefty as it is impressive. And it is most impressive.


Polish Lego enthusiast and Flickr user Jerac has spent the last 6 months building this absolutely incredible model of an Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer for an exhibition in Swarzewo. Christened the Chimaera, the model is just over 2 meters long and 1 and a quarter meters wide, and made with an estimated 40,000 Lego bricks - Jerac guesses that, not accounting for the Lego bricks he already owned, the Chimaera cost him a whopping $5000 to make. Looking at the amazing level of detail he's packed into the build, the pricetag seems to have been worth it.

It's not all grey bricks though - on the inside, the Star Destroyer is supported by a rainbow-coloured Technic frame to support the weight of the lego hull and lofty superstructure. It's also apparently staffed by a handful of Lego builders, if this cheeky snapshot is anything to go by:


All that said and done though, Jerac says he's not even finished tinkering with the Chimaera - he's not only considering a sturdier, non-Lego frame to keep the weighty model pristine, but he always wants to rig the whole thing with an internal lighting system. As if it couldn't look any more amazing!


You can see many, many more pictures of the completed model and some WIP shots of the Star Destroyer, as well as Jerac's other Lego creations (from Warhammer 40k Bolt Pistols, to Borderland's loveable Claptraps) over at Jerac's Flickr page.


[All images credited to Jerac]

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