Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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This is what happens when you take me out in the snow. In public. In a top hat. And I'm a fan of Better Off Dead.

Several people in my life have told me that I remind them of Curtis Armstrong. People that have never met one another. Booger, Charles Dumar, Herbert from Moonlighting. Even that guest starring thing he did on Mann & Machine. So... it snowed down here in NC. Proper snow. Not wax. At least, proper snow for NC. Anyway, my wife got a snow day and wanted to have a walk outside. “Okay... but I need you to film me doing something.”

“...okaaaay...” she says. Cos I had the hat. The coat. And apparently enough of a similarity to see if I could make this work. So she’s asking me what I mean to have her film til this happened...

She told me she loved me and thanked me for that. And for the geekyness.

I love her too.

Here’s the original for comparison.


Be safe outside in the snerr.


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