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Clearance sales!


Okay, math is good for some other stuff too, like building stuff. But I think I mostly use it for buying stuff. I'm always surprised how other people can't do this stuff, this simple math stuff, in their heads.

Not that it isn't nice when a store spells it out for you and puts up signs. If the original price was _____________ then the sale price is now ________. But people really can't seem to do any of this stuff for themselves. If the original price was $19.95, that's nearly twenty dollars, so half price would be nearly ten dollars. Unless you live someplace that has higher than 10% sales tax, you take the item to checkout and get out eleven dollars, and you get some change back.

And then not only do people not figure that out, but then they don't know if they've been given the right amount of change.

Which I suppose is all good for me, since if other people can't figure out X, then they probably can't figure out that X is a good deal. So, more stuff for me.


It's down to this now, so I guess they are figuring it out. But I still got most of what I wanted yesterday.


And while I was out, I got bacon too.

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