Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The absence of his voice satirizing and scathingly critiquing media and politics with his brilliant brand of humor is an incalculable loss to me. Stewart and Colbert were a necessary check and balance system on the madness of our governance and the clowns who report on it, but now they are both giving up the fake news game and I really feel kind of lost. They were voices of sanity, not only providing a clear antidote to the avalanche of bullshit spilling out of Washington and newsrooms every day, but acting as a pressure release valve by allowing you to howl with laughter now matter how fucked up things actually were.


The Daily Show will continue and I imagine they will fight hard to keep Stewart's legacy intact. Jon is going to be hard to replace though. Like Colbert, Stewart is razor sharp just off the cuff. I never fail to be amazed just how smart and insightful he is about political issues. The Daily Show can't just have a host who is funny. They have to be able to debate the people who appear as guests on the show in a skillful, intelligent matter and that is another thing entirely. Stewart was the perfect animal for what he and his writers turned that show into and I am going to miss him acutely.

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