Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

This is why MeTV Saturday nights are a nostalgia geek's wet dream

Twofers of Superman and Batman in the dinner hour:

Primetime gets even better. I could watch Wonder Woman just to stare at Lynda Carter and listen to the funky wah-wah guitar soundtrack. Star Trek is Arena! My favorite episode of TOS. That's the one with the Gorn, bitches! Svengoolie has an Abbott and Costello flick and the crew of the Jupiter 2 are gonna meet invaders from the Fifth Dimension. I've never seen the latter but I can only assume said invaders are space hippies demanding all bow to their dogma of harmony and understanding.


And if you make it to late night, you got a sumptuous feast of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Night Gallery with Rod Serling, Hitchcock Hour, and Thriller hosted by Boris Karloff.


Seriously, if you were looking to broadcast some subliminal mindfuck of a video signal designed to turn middle-aged sci-fi/fantasy geeks into rage zombies you would definitely want to choose this programming block because I imagine we are all drawn here like moths to a flame.

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