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This is why we can't have nice things.

Friday equals PARTY TIME! At least on Cult. This is the show that reminds you of what you could've done if you hadn't been all alone, by yourself, watching Cult; you could've gotten drunk, kissed a guy and been kidnapped! Aren't you glad you stayed in without anyone to care for you?

"Get drunk and party"-episodes are a staple of television for a reason. It's a chance to gather all your plotlines and characters, get them drunk off their asses, making mistakes that'll fuck up their love-lives and get some of the characters to meet while they're drugged up, thus making things even more uncomfortable and strange. ANYTHING can happen! Literally!


And anything pretty much happens. There's not that much going on in CultVille this week - just one scene, which I'll get to later - but the drama in ShowWorld is interesting. It was a wise move to introduce Jeff to the cast and some of the crew; a new part of this world is now open to him, we get a ton of new mysteries, some new characters and some answers! Sure, the party scenes are a bit meh, but I'm willing to call this a solid episode of Cult. It also ends on somewhat of a question mark, but we'll get to that.

We only have one new scene in CultVille tonight, which sets the stage for the titular "[The ] Kiss". That's right, Billy (Pil)Grimm and Kelly were married! But, according to one nutso fan, there was more going on under the obvious; this scene was obviously and quite clearly the moment were Kelly betrayed Billy (Pil)Grimm. You know, I actually liked this subplot; the whole different views on a scene, a situation, with the creator and writer being nowhere near it and we couldn't get his opinion. It was nice to see the actor playing Kelly argue with a budding screenwriter, though the fact that he had tons of money was a bit weird, and the fact that he was, you know, completely nuts, sort of put a darker shade over the scene. But whatever.
I doubt the show will ever return to the marriage-scene in order to really give us the situations' subtext, but I'm already counting that as a missed opportunity. In a show that's mostly about fans' joy of watching and talking about television, commenting the various scenes and meanings, analyzing and theorizing about where it might go next, this seems like the sort of thing we should get more of.

Going back to "The Kiss", Kelly and Billy (Pil)Grimm aren't the only ones sharing fluid tonight. Jeff and Skye also share a passionate kiss! *GASP!* In addition we meet Peter (was that the guy's name) who's dating Skye. I'm not really interested in this subplot yet, particularly because we've just met Peter (who the show ominously zooms in on the last time we see him... Might he be a True Believer too? Perhaps even Steven Rea? The latter seems a bit silly, but still), but I'm glad that the show is acknowledging it. Jeff and Skye have good chemistry at least, so it's nice not to get six seasons of "will they/won't they" before they get together. Besides, Skye is probably going to die in the season finale or something, fueling the next part of Jeff's journey, so making her into a character he cares more about than just "I'm the chick with inside connections" seems logical.

And then there's the True Believers and the reveals that end this episode. First off, we get confirmation that the (Black) Cop Lady is a True Believer, before we learn that this group protects the show and its actors. We also learn that Jeff is safe because of a deal Nate did with this group, and we see a video of Nate where he begs Jeff to stop searching for him. If he continues, they'll both be hurt. These True Believers want something from Nate, and Cop Lady warns Jeff that "you have no idea what you've stuck your nose into". Obviously there's something more than "protecting the show" going on here, right? What do you think, guys? What would the True Believers need Nate to get? How will this show continue, with Jeff and Skye endangering both themselves and Nate if they continue to look for him? This is all very intriguing and a strange direction to go in, and I'm really wondering how they'll deal with it in the next episode.


But that's not all! We, and Roger Reeves (the guy playing Billy (Pil)Grimm on the show), are introduced to a new, sleazy character; a "true fan" Roger calls him. Hm....


Well, I'm calling it right now; this man is Steven Rae. (no, of course he isn't. Or?) Regardless off his true identity, he seems to be a part of these True Believers - maybe even their leader? Or a general or something? I have no idea. I truly don't.

So, to recap; Cult is moving forward, introducing all its central characters to each other, as well as some romantics. This episode was a big step in the ShowWorld, we learned new things about these True Believers, we met some new, mysterious, characters and the search for Nate led to a full stop, a huge roadblock that I'm interested in seeing how the show solves. The next episode's called "The Good Fight" - might this be the one focusing on CultVille? - and, needless to say, I'm intrigued. The show has yet to live up to its promise, with meta-commentary on fans and television, as well as the incredibly creepy "a television in every home"-plot that was hinted at in last weeks' episode (meaning that these True Believers could be anywhere, not to mention the fact that whoever could become one of them through the show, not needing to be "turned" or helped by an enigmatic personality after a tragic and life-altering event), but it's certainly getting there, mixing up the elements and introducing mysteries while actually providing answers and moving forward.


I'm glad I continued watching now and I'm very intrigued as to what this "Good Fight" might be. Am I the only one who's thinking that title is meant slightly ironic? We'll see.

EDIT: And of course I forgot to write what I meant with "This is why we can't have nice things"; I was talking about the intriguing discussion over the marriage-scene, which ends in a rather heated way (Carol/Cheryl/Crystaaaal of ISIS would've probably enjoyed it though), then ends with people getting kidnapped. They had a nice discussion, but strangling tends to put a sour shade on things. So remember that, kids!


this was what I thought I meant with the title now. I've actually kinda-sorta forgotten its real meaning... Oh well. Some mysteries aren't meant to be solved.

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