Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I hear people say Kanye is a genius. They say he is the best hip hop producer of the last 10 years, possibly ever. Kanye himself says that he is, in fact, a genius. Given the quality of the music of the last 10 years and the quality of Kanye in general I find this claim to be dubious at best. But I honestly have an open mind about this. I do believe Kanye creates some very exceptional sounding tracks - but, for me, he ruins them because he has one of the worst flows of any rapper in his league and I find many of his lyrics just downright silly sounding.


I'm aware that a lot of this comes down to a matter of taste but there must be some empirical evidence of Kanye's genius that I am missing. Tell me what I should listen to that may make me change my mind. Perhaps because he is personally such an annoyingly irritating twat I am just terribly biased.

I am not creating this post as a way to start an argument or a debate wherein I try to prove Kanye sucks. I really just want someone to tell me how and whereabouts I should go to truly appreciate Mr. West's artistic exceptionalism.

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