I'm usually so good at sales. But I bought this stuff way too early.

Okay, so the whole store was buy 3 get 3 free, so I got six $13 things for $39, even though I only needed four of them. And need maybe isn't the right word, I just thought I was planning to get two and having two or three more would get me out of knitting another scarf, if I didn't get it done in time.

Then, I went back to the store to exchange something, and while I was there they were again having a buy one get one free thing, only I could have just got two and my husband could have just got two, and that would have been four, which was what I wanted to begin with. And then, they had the $13 in a set with a $9 thing for $12, so maybe we could have gotten four of those sets for $24, and then had extra stuff.

Now the $13 thing is on sale for $5, and tomorrow there's another 25% off, so they will be $3.75. So I could have gotten ten of them for less money than I spent on six of them.

I'm telling myself that they are going to be out of the kind I wanted anyway. And I don't ever want to hear any different.