Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Awesome Mad Men vibe. You might recognize at least a couple of big movies from the lineup here (including a certain odyssey through space), but most of these are obscurities that flopped hard. A bunch of the titles announced at the end never went into production or were delayed for years. MGM was about to get bought out by Kirk Kerkorian (who wanted the studio mostly for its real estate holdings) and rapidly downsized, and these high profile mega-productions, full of old school Hollywood glamour, represented the last flickerings of the studio system before the industry started aggressively targeting the youth audience with the likes of Bonnie & Clyde and Easy Rider. There's the pervasive sense of desperation, that they'd completely lost sight of what the audience wanted, or even who the viewers were. (Can't go wrong with Herman's Hermits! That's what all the young people are listening to today!) The "angry old man"-style narration alone makes it worth sitting through the entire thing.


TCM usually runs this once a month to fill in the dead airtime between movies.

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