I think I've relived half my childhood this month. I've watched a lot of my old favorite shows and movies, replayed the game that got me into JRPGs in the first place, and even got back into a few old hobbies.


King of the Hill - I think the reason I love this show so much is the simple fact that it relates to my own life so much. I've been in these situations, I know people like these and its so great to be able to watch this show again and relive my childhood moments (although I thought it had been canceled long before 2008. I had almost 4 seasons of new episodes to watch).

My dad is almost scarily similar to Hank, right down to the love for his job (he sells pools and pool accessories. Well, he buys them for the people who sell them, to be more precise, I just wanted to make the comparison) and his almost creepy love of our old collie Abbey. And in a lot of ways the relationship between Hank and Bobby mirrors mine and my dads. I didn't like to play sports or fish or go camping or any of the stuff that my dad liked doing when he was a kid and it took a long time before things kind of settled between us.

Becoming like Bill is actually my greatest fear. As I watched the show again I kept thinking "Holy crap that's me in 20 years. Alone, fat, and pathetic."

Although I don't like everything about King of the Hill. Peggy and Luanne and Lucky annoy the hell out of me. I admit when I see that it's one of their episodes, I did usually just skip it and went to the next episode. Boomhauer I also didn't enjoy very much.


My favorite characters were definitely the unrepentant assholes; Cotton, Kahn, and Dale.

Friends - I hate about 75% of Friends. Lets get that out of the way right now. But I have 2 reasons I like it enough to have all 10 seasons of it on DVD and rewatch them.

Reason #1: It was the first show me and my parents watched together on a regular basis. I love doing things with my parents, but we have so few interests in common that when opportunities like this came along, I jump at them.


Reason #2: Joey and Chandler. I love these guys. If the show had dumped the others and it had simply been called the Joey and Chandler Show, I think I would like this show a whole ton more.

Dinosaurs - I have no clue why my parents ever let me watch this as a kid. It's like an insane fusion of the Simpsons and Married with Children with dinosaurs. So much adult humor that completely sailed over my head as a kid. And the Baby. I love that psychotic little bastard. And of course the fact that Earl is more then willing to indulge in some child abuse just makes it all the more hilarious. Get a bat or a frying pan into Baby's hands and It's comedy gold.


Tales of Eternia - I love this game. It is one of my favorite games of all time and my favorite in the Tales series. Like I said, without this game I never would have gotten into JRPGs. And I say all that and I will admit that it is a pretty average game.


Although I think the battle system spoiled me. Where the battle system in this game is fast paced, engaging, and comparable more to a fighting game, it was a huge disappointment when I started playing games like Final Fantasy and Legend of Dragoon that were turn based.


I've gotten back into model building. My first project: