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This pint-sized Ice Warrior action figure just wants a hug

After their debut in last night's episode, Character Options have revealed the first image of their new 3.75" range of Doctor Who figures, due out next month - showing off a proper look at their tiny take on Grand Marshal Skaldak!


I'm actually really surprised in the amount of detail that's gone into him - I was expecting a bit of a severe quality drop now that the figures are moving from the 5" scale to this new, more market-standard size, but Skaldak's looking really cool. If the sort of quality on display here holds up when the figures are in hands - I don't know what it is with CO, but they can never seem to do a publicity picture that quite gives their action figures justice, they almost always look better in the flesh! - and at the new lower price point (£6.99, compared to the £11.99 the 5 inch figures were going for in their twilight years), I might have to grab myself a few Ice Warriors to have a little army stomping around, declaring Martian Martial Law on my desk.

The first wave of the new range will feature:

  • The Doctor (Series 7B outfit)
  • Clara Oswald (Hide outfit)
  • Weeping Angel
  • Time War Dalek
  • Cyberman (Nightmare in Silver redesign)
  • Ice Warrior

And there's even plans for top-secret 50th anniversary figures later in the year. Huzzah for Doctor Who figures coming out again, it feels like it's been yonks!


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