This is something that happens to me a lot when commenting on things that I’m a fan of. Inevitably, I start by making a joke— like, say, that Maisie Williams should play Spider-Man or that the world desperately needs a Pokemon/Game of Thrones mashup— and then, before I’ve even clicked [Submit], I’m already immensely depressed that whatever it is isn’t a thing already (Although, of course, all I had to do was Google “pokemon game of thrones” to find some sweet mashed up sigils, but I was more thinking about Dany’s quest to be the realm’s best Pokemon trainer, smashing through the Essos gym leaders until she’s got enough badges to control her dragons, and then being able to go to King’s Landing and become League Champion).

Does this happen to anyone else, like, every time they comment on something? What are some of your favorite instances where the world simply couldn’t possibly realize your genius, lest it explode from the awesomeness?