Just got a phone call from a "Matthew Smith" with an unidentifiable accent and very poor english that my copy of Windows had been reported to have some problems and he would like to help me fix it.

Okay, "Matt." Can you give me my IP address? Oh no, I have to give it to him. Along with my Windows Key. This is a very serious problem and he wants to help me before I lose access to my computer.

You know what, "Mr Smith," I'm kinda busy right now. Could you give me your phone number so I can call you back because I am very concerned about this problem and not at all going to report this call to the FBI if you are stupid enough to give me a real number. Sure, says my new buddy, the phone number is (eight random digits then, sadly, tragically, diconnected. Damn this shoddy, unreliable technology.)

Never got real life 419 spam before. It was sort of fun.