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This Week I Dream Of Face Off (S10E09)

One sign I’m a fossil is that the word “genie” conjures images of Barbara Eden instead of Disney’s blue guy. On this week’s Face Off the six remaining contestants are tasked with creating their own genies. Who captures magic in a bottle? Results ahead.

I’m ready to go to Valhalla

But first we have a Foundation Challenge. The contestants are presented with models dressed up as Valkyries and must apply make-up to complete their looks. Douglas Noe, who most relevantly worked on Thor: The Dark World, is the judge for this challenge.

Left: Yvonne’s Valkyrie. Right: Melissa’s winning Valkyrie

Melissa wins the challenge (and immunity this week) but I liked Yvonne’s make-up a little more.

Yvonne’s (L) and Melissa’s (R) Genies

Yvonne and Melissa, the two top looks in the Foundation Challenge, end up being Safe looks in the Spotlight Challenge.

Rob’s (L) and Walter’s (R) Genies

I liked both Top Looks this week. Rob transferred the shapes and coloring of his vessel into his design. Walter’s design captured a “demonic evil vibe” as Glenn put it. Walter wins his first Spotlight Challenge.

Mel’s (L) and Robert’s (R) Genies

Mel’s work is inconsistent and this week it lands her in the Bottom Looks. While the judges praise Robert’s technical skill they slam him for not meeting the actual challenge with something that doesn’t say “genie” at all in the design. Robert is eliminated this week.

McKenzie Westmore’s looks for the Spotlight Challenge introduction and the reveal stage.

At this point I would say Rob will be in the finale but the other two slots are very much up for grabs.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.

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