The eleven remaining Face Off contestants tackle their first individual challenge. The idea is deceptively simple - disguise a secret agent as a different person. Also Michael Westmore’s secret past is exposed. Who creates a successful alias and who finds their mission impossible? Results ahead.

Michael Westmore joins his daughter McKenzie to introduce the challenge. It turns out that Michael has created real life disguises in addition to his screen work. He couldn’t reveal too much about what he worked on but mentioned that he made disguises for Michael Jackson so he could leave his house unrecognized. So Michael Westmore is the right person to have for advice on realistic disguise make-up. This is a Focus Challenge so the emphasis is on the face over anything else. It also means the contestants only have two days instead of three to work.

This week’s guest judge is Gale Ann Hurd* whose new show coming soon to Syfy about disguised infiltrators (spoiler: they’re aliens) inspired the challenge.

Can you match up the agents from the top image with their disguises?


Johnny and Anna are Safe this week.

As are Walter and Yvonne.


Mel is also Safe this week. Melissa was a special case. The lower half of her agent could have been a Top Look but the upper part of the face is more of a Bottom Look. She wasn’t declared Safe like the others mentioned so far but she wasn’t considered for elimination either.

Robert’s gender swap disguise works and he is a Top Look. Rob manages to create a bland disguise that no one would give a second look. Which is the point of the challenge so he wins.


At the other end the three Bottom Looks wouldn’t even fool Mr. Magoo. Katie’s agent is too shiny and plastic looking. Kaleb’s agent is poorly executed particularly with the paint job. But Njoroge’s attempt at an Asian gender swap is such a failure “creatively and technically” as Glenn puts it that he is sent home.

Next week Lance Henriksen stops by.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.


*This also doubles as the McKenzie Report. And here’s her look for the introduction of the challenge.