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This week's episode, The Genoa Tip, featured some stuff that moved plotlines forward, a 9/11 time capsule, and the complete redefinition of a character.

Spoilers ahead!

I felt a little "meh" about this episode. I'm glad we're moving the plot forward, but there weren't any standout moments to me. (It's possible that my 40+ mile mountain bike ride on Sunday might have left me less attentive at 8pm than normal.) No wait! I thought of one! The laundromat scene! Anyway...


Sloan and Elliot covered the 9/11 Anniversary instead of Will, and Will is sad about it. We gain some insight into this as the control panel jockeys replay ACN's coverage of 9/11. Turns out 9/11 was Will's first time at the anchor desk, and it seems to be the first Will + Charlie teaming. The 9/11 anniversary therefore has a deeper meaning for Will, and it's a blow that he can't connect with the viewers on this important day. (But he did write the copy, meaning Sloan and Elliot were still able to bring Will's voice into the coverage.)

Meanwhile, Brian Fantana is looking into Genoa, which he heard about from last week's PERIOD. man. He was able to track down a Special Forces soldier who apparently participated in the operation, and verified that sarin gas was used! Holy crap...Mack and Brian Fantana exchange serious looks as they realize there may be something to the tip after all. (Hmm...almost seems too easy...)

In the world of Mini Mack and the Mop, every plot development is conspiring to get Maggie to Africa, where we know something unspeakable and hair-changing will happen. First, we find out that Maggie wants to be the newsroom's go-to person for something, and she has chosen Africa. (More specifically, I think she is focusing on Sudan.) Does she need to be a go-to person for something? Ok, we'll go with it.


We get glimpses of Jim on the campaign trail...poor nice Jim is learning the hard way that he has to look out for himself. Maggie tries to get the YouTube video taken down by cyberstalking and then hilariously confronting the woman who posted it. The woman is a bit of a dip, but Sloan knows how to work her: by bribing her with Twitter followers! In the best line of the night, we find out that Sloan's favorite SATC character is Charlotte. (Of course!)


The whole point of this is to keep Lisa from seeing the video. WHOOPS, plan foiled! Lisa saw the video anyway! She gives this kickass speech to Maggie and basically declares their friendship over. But wait one GD minute...how is anything in the video a surprise to Lisa?? She knew Maggie liked Jim. She knew! Why does she suddenly turn into this betrayed victim? I liked the writing here but I didn't get this complete change in the character of Lisa.

Just like I don't get Jim ignoring Maggie's phone calls. She's free of Don! Shouldn't he be swooping in? (Yeah, yeah, he doesn't want things back to the way they were, in the Friend Zone. I still don't understand his behavior.)


Oh, wait, yes I do. It's all a conspiracy of all of the elements of Maggie's life driving her to go on assignment in Africa, where the unspeakable thing happened. Well, it worked, Mack gave the go-ahead for the trip.

Lastly, I would just like to say that I find myself investing more of myself in potential Sloan + Don happenings. I can't wait to watch their little courtship play out.


Other thoughts?

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