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This Week’s Defiance Is a Heartwarming Tale of Family Love

That can be said of a lot of episodes of Defiance but this week’s episode took familial love to a new level. Plus a familiar face is back and Yewll reminds us why you shouldn’t ask a mad scientist too many questions. Spoilers ahead.

We start off with the return of Jessica Rainer, aka Berlin, who finds the ambushed Votanis Collective convoy that was transporting Nolan and Irisa to Brazil. Irisa is the only survivor on scene and Nolan is missing. Irisa and Berlin will never be BFFs but Berlin has set aside her issues with Irisa for the moment. Irisa notices the wounds on the bodies at the ambush site look like the bite marks of the mystery murder beast back in Defiance and realizes the Omec are behind what happened.


Kindzi shows her love for her father T’evgin by tying him in restraints and draining enough blood to keep him weak. She was the one who snatched Nolan from the convoy and has him in her lair. Yewll still doesn’t want to try to remove the arktech from Nolan’s head (and tells Kindzi she’s a sociopath) so Kindzi does it herself.

After Nolan wakes up Kindzi lies to Nolan about what happened to the convoy and Irisa to keep her pet docile for some Omec sex. She says Nolan reminds her of how her father used to be (because of course she has Daddy issues). Nolan’s suspicious side kicks in but Zindzi is a step ahead of him. She subdues him and takes Nolan to the lower level where she has her father stashed.

Datak and Stahma have quickly resumed their bickering ways. Stahma still knows how to play her husband like a finely tuned instrument. Datak is concerned about Kindzi coming after Stahma but his crew isn’t willing to die for a couple of traitors. At least Stahma has her loyal servant Andina, who has her own agenda trying to raise her station by marrying into the Tarr family. Stahma isn’t fooled for a second about what Andina is up to but it fits her agenda as well.


Kindzi spins a yarn about T’evgin freeing Nolan and running off with him when Irisa and Berlin visit the mine. Irisa stays to lok some more for Nolan while Berlin goes to tell Amanda what’s going on.

Nolan frees himself, finds T’evgin and starts to free him. They bond over being bad fathers as T’evgin blames himself for what Kindzi has become. Irisa finds them just as Kindzi is about to feed in Nolan. Kindzi and T’evgin have their final fight. T’evgin makes the fatal mistake of showing mercy and speechifying instead of finishing off Kindzi. So Kindzi has the chance to stab him in the neck. Irisa and Nolan see the outcome then leave to warn the town.


Amanda’s braid gives Berlin a snarky welcome then goes into action right away. The staged attack won’t fool the Votanis Collective if they don’t find Nolan’s body. Since Amanda would be the obvious culprit, the hardliners in the Collective would be able to justify attacking Defiance. Amanda gets a couple of bodies from somewhere and with Berlin’s help stages the deaths of Nolan and Irisa at the ambush site.


Datak tracks down Yewll to find out how to kill an Omec. He asks too many questions about the blood in the back of Yewll’s vehicle so she sedates Datak.

Kindzi’s final act of love towards her father is eating his heart, which makes total sense for a carnivorous predatory culture. She then goes up to the Omec ship and starts waking up other Omec for the Dread Harvest. Datak and Samir are already caged up as appetizers since they asked Yewll too many questions.


Assorted thoughts:

  • I think that for Amanda, Berlin fills the void left by Kenya. She was definitely hurt by Berlin’s departure which is why she was so snarky when Berlin returned. Berlin sees Amanda as a big sister and role model so their relationship is important to both of them.
  • Irisa and Nolan aren’t connected anymore so will that have an effect on either of them? Is hallucinatory Butcher Nolan gone for good? Will the lack of connection affect Irisa’s arktech in some way?
  • Is the Votanis Collective really going to be fooled by Amanda’s trick? What if someone from the Collective visits Defiance and sees Irisa and Nolan or word gets back to the Collective that they are alive? I guess those are questions for next season.
  • The critics were right. Rock and roll will doom us all.

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