Face Off is really trolling us this week

On this week’s Face Off the five remaining contestants are tasked with creating real life versions of World of Warcraft races. There is no judges’ save left so it’s do or die time from here on out. Results ahead.

WoW Senior Art Director Chris Robinson is laying down some knowledge for the contestants.

Warcraft III is as far as I got into the Warcraft universe so I’m not that familiar with the MMO. Most of the contestants aren’t familiar with the game either with Melissa and Walter being the only ones who have played. Fortunately the Senior Art Director for World of Warcraft, Chris Robinson, is on hand to give some guidance for translating the various game races into real life.

This week’s guest judge is Robert Kazinsky, who is in the upcoming Warcraft movie. (Is it possible that the choice of challenge and guest judge are part of the marketing of the movie and the game?) Kazinsky is also an avid player and fan of WoW so he will be the harshest judge in terms of faithfulness to the game.


I’ve speculated before that Rob and Melissa would be in the finale unless they stumble. This week they both stumble, a little for Rob but a lot for Melissa.


Rob never really has a good feeling about his Tauren design. Kazinsky is right when he says it’s more bovine than Tauren. It’s good technically but doesn’t really capture the look of the creature it’s based on.

Mel’s Troll really stands out from the rest visually (which is why I used it for the top image). As soon as I saw it I knew it would be a Top Look. She has rebounded from last week and earned her save… for now.


Walter puts a lot of work into his Draenei including a tail and the effort pays off with a Top Look and the win this week. I wasn’t too impressed by Walter in the early weeks of the season but when he brings his A game he really nails it.


Melissa spends too much time and effort on hands and feet instead of on her Worgen’s face. Time management is often the downfall of a contestant. Melissa is a Bottom look but survives this week because...

Yvonne made a real mess of her Goblin. This is something you would expect to see in the first few weeks not this late in the season. She is sent home.


McKenzie Westmore’s looks for the intro and the reveal stage (and the crucial break stage).

Next week the three finalists for the finale are chosen. Who do you think will make the cut?

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.