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This Week’s Face Off Has Its Eye On You (S10E10)

On this week’s Face Off the five remaining contestants are tasked with creating one-eyed creatures. Who keeps their eye on the prize and who blinks? Results ahead.

Left to right - Yvonne, Walter, Mel, Rob, Melissa
I assume the stuff on the shelves aren’t ingredients in McKenzie Westmore’s make-up line.

When the contestants arrive at the lab they are met by McKenzie in front of an apothecary set. Each contestant must choose a disembodied eye in a jar as inspiration for a Cyclops character. Since this is a Focus Challenge they only have two days to work and of course the face is the focus of the challenge. Instead of the usual models, this week the show provides tall models (between 6’4” and 7’) to emphasis the hulking Cyclops image.

Two things that struck me during the preparation phases were Michael Westmore’s advice to all of the contestants about eye/eyebrow anatomy and how everyone was helping each other even though they are in competition. It’s a reminder that the mindset of contestants on Face Off is to put their own best work forward as opposed to screwing over the other guy.

This week the guest judge is Douglas Smith who played a Cyclops in the second Percy Jackson movie.

The five creatures on the reveal stage

Yvonne chose to make her Cyclops into Satan’s blacksmith. The judges like some of it and Douglas Smith likes that the model can speak clearly through the make-up but they are not thrilled enough to make it a Top Look. But Yvonne is Safe this week.


Rob again feels a lot of pressure while working on his Cyclops but still puts together a creature that gets him a Top Look once again.


Melissa goes for a reptilian Cyclops. She puts a lot of detail into the face which pays off since this is a Focus Challenge. She is a Top Look and wins this week’s challenge.


Walter spends time painting his model’s arms that would have been better spent on the face (remember this challenge is focused on the face). He ends up a Bottom Look.


Mel tries to make a human dog Cyclops hybrid soldier but the design goes off the rails. She is the other Bottom Look and she is selected for elimination this week…

Until the judges use their save. Mel will be back next week.

There are three episodes left in this season. If the finale is a two parter (which is my guess) then next week will be a double elimination.


Next week is also a World of Warcraft themed challenge.

McKenzie’s looks for the intro and on the reveal stage (along with guest judge Douglas Smith on the right)

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.

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