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This Week’s Face Off Is A Family Affair

It’s almost the end of the ninth season of Face Off. We have five contestants remaining and only three spots in the finale. So there is a double elimination and no one can afford to play it safe. Results ahead.

The final five meet McKenzie and Michael Westmore in front of the house used for The Munsters TV show which Michael Westmore worked on. The challenge is to make a “quirky member” of a macabre family. The five think there are two episodes left before the finale and are surprised to find out this is the semifinal episode.


Ben (left) and Nora (right and top image) each make the judges laugh (for the right reasons) with their Inappropriate Uncle and Black Sheep Cousin designs and they are the first two chosen for the finale.

The other three are then given an additional hour to work on their designs incorporating the feedback the judges gave during the stage reveal.


I thought Scott’s design was the best of the bottom three looks but after the fix-up time the judges choose Evan’s Bully Big Brother (left) to be the third finalist over Scott’s Stern Father (middle) and Jordan’s Spinster Aunt (right).

So my prediction from a few weeks ago was pretty good. No one is such a standout that I can confidently predict who will probably be the winner of this season though.


You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.

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