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This Week’s Face Off Is Full Of Special Snowflakes

Logan & Adam’s warrior snow queen

You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake but the Snow Queens on this week’s Face Off are based on ones. This week is an elimination challenge so one All-Star team is going home. Results ahead.

The contestants arrive at the lab and find that the front of the building has been magically turned into a winter wonderland (in Los Angeles). McKenzie Westmore (looking like a thoroughly modern Elsa) introduces the Spotlight Challenge for the week. Each team must find a snowflake, buried in the snow of course, and use its distinctive form as inspiration for a snow queen. The twist this time is that the teams only have two days to work instead of three since the challenge is straightforward and they are all Face Off veterans.. But there is also time for a quick snowball fight before getting to work.

All seven snow queens in a row

This week the teams of Rachael & Gage, Ben & Evan, and Cig & George (shown above respectively from top to bottom) are safe.


Logan & Adam go for a warrior snow queen. Their face make-up emphasizes the model’s own features, particularly her eyes. They are a Top Look this week.


Emily & Tyler create a queen who is part tree as well as snow. Emily’s landscaping experience is put to good use and the judges love the final result. They have been a Top Look the last two weeks and this time they win the challenge.


Keaghlan & Melissa start off with a decent concept but unlike Logan & Adam they end up obscuring their model’s facial features with a face piece that gives her what the judges consider a masculine look. They are a Bottom Look.


Cat & Niko do an uninspired Statue of Liberty snow queen. Even though they have shown they can do great work like their angel/demon hybrid from a couple of weeks ago this week their work is seriously sub-par. Cat & Niko are sent home.

McKenzie Westmore’s looks for the Spotlight Challenge introduction and the reveal stage.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.

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