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Phil’s Baby Carriage character

On this week’s Face Off the two contestant effects shops must create characters possessed by objects. Which of the seven remaining contestants will master their possession and which one will be repossessed? Results ahead.

McKenzie Westmore meets the contestants at the lab and presents the challenge. Each contestant will pick an object and design the possessed character to go with it. Each character must also interact with the possessed object on the reveal stage and the shops only have two days instead of three to work. Phil is the only remaining contestant who has not been foreman so he gets the job for Twisted Six Effects. Nelson takes his second turn as foreman for Ethereal Effects.


Cheyenne Jackson (a huge fan of the show) is a guest judge this week.

Twisted Six Effects’ characters: (l to r) Phil, KC, Andrew
Andrew’s Tricycle character

Phil caught a huge break as Twisted Six Effects foreman. Andrew and KC are probably the most experienced contestants and both run their own shops in the real world. So they don’t need constant supervision to get done on time. Collectively Twisted Six Effects’ characters look better than Ethereal Effects’ and the shop wins this week.


Foreman Phil can focus enough on his own baby carriage character instead of hand holding his shop to be one of the three top looks. Andrew’s tricycle character wows the judges and he wins the challenge.

Ethereal Effects’ characters: (l to r) Suzanne, Nelson, Faina, Kierstin
Faina’s Typewriter character, Kierstin’s Radio character
Suzanne’s Clock character

Over on the Ethereal Effects side foreman Nelson has his hands full with Kierstin’s self-doubts and Suzanne’s overambitious design. Faina only needs a little help with her concept then she’s good to go. Faina’s typewriter character is the only top look for Ethereal Effects this week and the shop has both bottom looks.

Kierstin has artist block and her radio character lacks prosthetic pieces. While the judges like her paint job, the minimalism of her character lands her in the bottom looks. Suzanne on the other hand goes big and bold with a fabricated clockface and a half beauty/half aged make-up for her clock character. She doesn’t pull it off and the make-up is so poorly executed that she is eliminated this week.


We’re down to six contestants. I’m pretty sure Andrew will make the finale and has a good chance of winning. I think KC is the next most likely for the finale. The third spot is a toss-up though I think Kierstin is the one most likely to be eliminated next. 

McKenzie Westmore’s looks for the challenge introduction and the reveal stage with Cheyenne Jackson.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.

(NOTE: Next week’s post will probably be up late (mid-afternoon Pacific Time at the earliest) because I have a work thing next Wednesday morning.)

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