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The revelation about Brother Michael's personal project wasn't unexpected but I had harbored a small hope that characters had been speaking metaphorically and not literally. But instead the show managed to make me feel a little sympathy for Amy. Plus some dots are connected back to the first season.

Spoilers ahead.


This is now the Wall of Eww. Those women are all Michael's lovers and daughters (except maybe the first one. Or not.) with the goal of this multi-generational incest being to eventually father another immortal. I'm not sure if Agnes' relation to Anne and Amy was explicitly stated before but given their relative ages I figured Agnes was probably Anne's mother.

While Anne is still blindly loyal to Michael, Amy is suspicious of Michael's explanation of Agnes' death since it was right after discovering that Sarah is a silver-eye. I can see now why Amy wants to get the hell away from the island. She's still a terrible person but at least she's creeped out by the idea of having Michael's child particularly if it involves getting pregnant the old fashioned way. She uses Brother Landry to spike the fruit at Agnes' service with the contaminated honey.

Peter is still stuck in the hole while Michael appears unconcerned that Alan has escaped. Michael dumps rats on Peter's head as an incentive to get him to talk. Peter tries to climb out but learns the "pain stays in the hole." Peter tries to bargain with Michael and tells him about Sarah's baby. Michael is pleased but still leaves Peter in the hole. Good job, Peter!

Kyle continues to be a dick to everyone. He manages to avoid mentioning who he works for but doesn't deny having his own agenda either. Kyle isn't ready to uncuff Alan even though Alan is the one who identifies the apple pollen. Later Kyle needs Alan's help with the new outbreak so uncuffs him. Again Michael is unconcerned that Alan is free when they meet.


Amy visits the woman who stabbed Sarah, encourages her to do something that will make the CDC doctors go away and allows her to escape from her lockup. Since Anne is asking questions about who could have spiked the fruit Amy sets her up by having Landry find the honey in Anne's coat.

Julia and Balleseros have hooked up though she calls him Alan in bed. While they are enjoying the benefits of working together Ilaria is having a board meeting the Julia was pointedly not notified of. The board is considering the release of Narvik-C, the successor to the Narvik-A and -B strains developed at Arctic Biosystems. The pesky mortals are ruining the world so Ilaria is planning to cull the herd (an idea mentioned in the first season). Julia is opposed to the plan but since she's a noob immortal the board overrules her. Despite the fact that Balleseros tends to look out for himself first Julia trusts him with a single dose of the Narvik cure.


It turns Julia isn't the only one in Ilaria not thrilled with the idea of releasing Narvik. She meets Mlle Durant, a preadolescent immortal girl. Durant tells Julia she can't change things from inside but a renegade silver-eye has been working on something. The image on the pendant Durant hands Julia is also in the abbey so I'll go out on a limb and say the renegade is Michael.


After the stabby woman and her mob run the doctors out of where they were treating the latest victims, Alan is attacked by Landry who uses the same stuff that made the kids stone Kyle.. The drugged Alan returns to the lab and begins to strangle Sarah.

Assorted thoughts:

  • Before she's attacked, Sarah notes that the toxin is in the honey but not in the apples. That's probably going to be important.
  • Balleseros works for Ilaria and is plotting with Julia. Since he's also Peter's contact, is Peter working for Ilaria, working for Julia while thinking he's working for Ilaria or knowingly working for Julia?
  • The existence of Durant and the Scythe suggests that silver-eyes may have been created as a group (perhaps during the event mentioned last episode) since that would explain why they "come in all sizes."
  • Until I saw this episode of Helix I thought this commercial playing during a scene on The Americans was the most ewww television moment of the week.

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