On this week’s episode of Krypton “Transformation” we see the fallout from last week’s events and a look at two very different parents and their relationships with their children. Plus Adam Strange does stuff and an update on The Cape.


“Transformation” picks up right where we left off last episode. The Voice of Brainiac is doing his brain sucking thing on the Sagitari assassins. We see Jayna Zod escape but not what happened to Dev-Em though we don’t see him among the troops being brain drained by the Voice. So he’s probably fine, right? The Voice confronts Daron-Vex. Political survivor that he is, Daron submits to save his own life and agrees to have the coup members executed, including his own daughter Nyssa.

Seg, Lyta, and a wounded General Zod (are we ever going to hear a first name for him?) show up at Kem’s bar where Kem brings them up to speed on the coup attempt and Nyssa’s pending execution. Seg heads out to help Nyssa since she helped to save Lyta. He may be the Scruffy Bad Boy but he has a strong code of honor.

Nyssa is no mere damsel in distress though. Despite a speech proclaiming that Nyssa is his favorite child he still pulls the trigger on a pistol aimed at what he thinks is his daughter. No Father’s Day card for you, sir! But it’s actually a hologram and Nyssa pops out of hiding to put a blade at her father’s throat. Seg shows up and though Nyssa is quite ready to kill her father, she and Seg realize Daron is still useful. Of course Daron betrays them at the first opportunity. Seg and Nyssa fight their way out of her quarters. (It turns out Nyssa learned some fighting skills from an old girlfriend.)


Lyta runs into Dev and they team up to find her mother. It turns out Jayna is hiding outside the dome in a spot Lyta knows. But when they find her Dev reveals that he was brain sucked by the Voice. The two women fight Dev and kill him.

Everyone meets up at the bar where Zod has been healed up. Despite some resistance to Nyssa the group agrees to work together. Since the Voice is going to be at a public ceremony soon they decide to attack then to reveal the Voice’s true nature. But when one of the Rao acolytes tries to denounce the Voice, he steps into flames and tells the crowd he has transcended. The crowd cheers ecstatically.

Meanwhile Adam Strange returns to the Fortress of Solitude to fix his Zeta time travel device and return to Earth. Holo-Val helps repair the device and gives Adam a pep talk that convinces Adam to stay and carry out a revised mission - kill General Zod and prevent Seg from saving Kandor.


In this episode we see that Daron-Vex and Jayna-Zod are polar opposites as parents. Jayna chose to sacrifice everything to save her daughter from execution while Daron chose to sacrifice his daughter to save his own skin.

Nyssa and Lyta were both groomed to follow in their parents’ footsteps so there will be plenty of friction between the two even without the issue of Seg between them. (The love triangle is really on now that Seg, Lyta, and Nyssa have to work together.) Lyta is still loyal to her mother. Nyssa isn’t going to easily get over her father trying to kill her. But she is a Vex and the question is still open as to whether she would turn on the resistance group if given the right offer.

Assorted Thoughts: 


  • Adam Strange is on Krypton on his own initiative because he’s a wannabe superhero. And he’ll let Krypton be destroyed to be that hero!
  • General Zod doesn’t know his father’s name, only that he was a soldier killed in the battle for Kandor. Depending on how the Genesis Chamber works maybe it could still be Dev-Em since from a certain point of view he fits the description.
  • We see Superman’s cape in the Fortress. It’s still dissolving but not that much so the timeline probably doesn’t need to be fixed before the end of the season.


All images via the Syfy site.